Why is Water Filter Pitcher Comparison Necessary?

Why is Water Filter Pitcher Comparison Necessary

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If you are new to using filters, you may not be sure whether you’ll like filtered water or not. To avoid spending a lot of money on high-end water filters, you may first need a trial and there is no better way of doing that than using water filter pitchers.

Water filter pitchers are commonly known to be the basic level filters which any newbie can find pretty easy to use and maintain. Their science is not complicated. It can take around 30 minutes to figure out how to use and maintain them. Most of them also have a slim design to allow you to store them in refrigerators to chill your water.

Why is Water filter pitcher comparison necessary?

Water filter pitcher comparison is essential if you want to get a product that will either fit your budget or disappoint you less. Additionally, there are many different types and sizes of water pitchers, and each has its pros and cons. Some pitchers remove contaminants only while other remove contaminants and make the water alkaline.

When two products look the same, only a comparison of its pros and cons can help you leave with the best product. However, you will need to be thorough and look further than their colors and outward designs. Some of the facets used to compare two or more water pitchers include:

  • Type of contaminants removed

Water filter pitchers are categorized as either lower-end, semi-advanced or high-end/advanced. Lower-end pitchers have a limit to what they filter. Most can get rid of chlorine, fluoride, and other volatile chemicals. However, only a few can remove lead. Some have a lower volume capacity.

Semi-advanced water pitchers can combine both lower-end and high-end pitcher features. For instance, you may find a pitcher with a larger volume capacity but cannot remove lead from water and vice-versa.

High-end, on the other hand, have excellent features. They are able to remove all contaminants from water including heavy metals. Some have the ability to add essential minerals in the water.

Besides removing contaminants, some pitchers like the Alkaline Water Pitcher-2.5 liters have the capacity to increase the pH level of water.

  • Maintenance

When you have two pitchers that have almost similar features, and you don’t know which to go for, compare them in terms of maintenance. Some pitchers require few maintenance practices and are easy to replace the filter. This can save from shelling out additional cash for professional help every other time the filter needs changing.

  • Size

When comparing pitchers, sometimes their sizes cannot be ignored. If you want a pitcher that occupies less space in your fridge, then smaller models may be your best picks. If you have no problem with space, then you can go ahead and compare them on other features.

  • Color

Sometimes when you want to pick a pitcher that will rhyme with the color of your kitchen walls or counters, color may be an important deciding factor. Eventually, the product with cool colors or those that rhyme with your countertop colors will definitely take the day.

  • Price

Money is hard to come by and it’s essential that we save something where we can. Have you ever noticed some products cost too much just because of the brand name? Yeah, it happens. When you come across two products with similar features, try to compare their prices and go with the cheaper one.

  • Convenience

Yeah, some pitchers have extremely good features that make it easier to work with them. Some of these features include the presence of handles, removable or thumb-activated lids, pour through lids and spout lids. Spout lid prevents odor and contaminants from getting back into your purified water.

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Wrap up

The market is filled with many water filter pitchers. If you ever find yourself confused on which product to take home, start comparing in terms of their efficiency, price, color, size and ease of maintenance. There is no need to take home a pitcher that will disappoint you when you could have gone for something better.

No matter the quality or type of water pitcher you take home, remember their efficiency relies on how much you maintain them. Replace the filter before or at the recommended time. If you don’t, there will be no difference to drinking tap water.

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