What are the Different Types of Water Filter Pitcher Brands?

What are the Different Types of Water Filter Pitcher Brands

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We strive to keep our pools, houses, and the overall environment clean so our family members can enjoy the benefits of living in a clean environment. However, most of us tend to forget that our water too needs treatment because we believe the water company did that.

Of course, most water companies treat it but during the transportation process water gets contaminated and by the time it flows through your taps, it’s already packed with loads of other contaminants.

Some these impurities include pesticides, excess chlorine, metals and unpleasant tastes. One of the best ways to obtaining pure water is by using water filter pitchers.

Most water filter pitcher brands help you get pure water for cooking and drinking. Even rain water too needs purification.

While on its way down, rain water gets tainted with chemical gasses and dust particles thus its quality becomes degraded. To make it safe, you have to pass it through a water filter pitcher before drinking.

Most water filters sport ion exchange resin and activated carbon chambers. The former removes odor and enhances the taste while the latter filters out volatile organic chemicals and metals like lead, copper, and aluminum from the water. They are simple to use and maintain and do not require installation.

There are numerous brands of water filter pitchers, and each comes in its own size, shape, and style. The smaller ones can perfectly fit in your refrigerator while the big ones can be placed on your kitchen counters.

There is, however, one key feature that you can spot in most pitchers- an indicator that shows you when the filter needs changing.

The most common water filter pitcher brands out there include Pur, Brita, ZeroWater, Clear2o, and Mavea. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Some have the best design, best taste, fastest filtering while others boast of having the largest capacity.


Pur brands are respected for their efficiency in purifying water. They feature a 2-stage filtration system that can clean out about 99% of pharmaceutical residues, 99.9% of bacteria and 97% of other contaminants like aluminum, lead, and mercury. Most pitchers have a LED light that flashes when the filter needs changing.

The PUR CR-6000C and CR-6000 are probably some of the common models you may come across. Nevertheless, all their products are certified to be safe for use.


Like Pur, Brita too is a popular brand that needs no introducing. Their design is quite appealing to the eye thus suitable for those who value looks. They have several pitchers with the smallest unit holding about five glasses and the largest holding up to 10 glasses.

The smaller designs are slick and can fit in refrigerator doors. This design also makes them portable and easy to refill.

Brita pitchers are equipped with ion exchange and activated carbon to remove impurities from water. They are actually efficient in removing chlorine and metallic elements like lead from water. Some of their best models include Grand, Classic, Vintage, and Marina.


ZeroWater pitchers boast of having both a compact design and the ability to store up to 23 glasses of water. Their compact design means they can be easily fit in the refrigerator. They purify water through a 5-stage system making them some of the most effective Water filter pitcher brands.

The first and second stage are equipped with ion exchange and carbon filter to remove harmful metals, chlorine taste, and other organic impurities while the last three stages remove all other remaining impurities.


CWS100AW and GRP200 are two common brands from Clear2o. They have a compact design and can fit in most refrigerators. Clear2o pitchers are said to be the best in cleaning chlorine taste from water. They also remove other impurities like lead.

Unlike most pitchers where you have to wait for a long time, Clear2o pitchers work pretty fast. They come with a hose pipe that allows them to fill up much quicker.


Like others, Mavea Pitchers too have a small design and come in many different colors. They have a filter change indicator although, for some, it’s digital and shows the quality of water, usage time amongst other things.

Their ability to prevent built up of limescale puts them far above other brands. Limescale build-up can shorten the lifespan of your filter.

The bottom line

Whether you have a smaller family or a big one, you will be saving a lot of bucks by using your own filter rather than buying bottled water. Additionally, most water filter pitchers don’t use power to function hence environment-friendly.

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