Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review

Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review

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This is probably the most elegant looking water filter in the market. The handle made from oak wood gives it a unique appeal and the crystal clear body makes it very simple. In this regard, you will be more than happy to display it on your kitchen counter.

Coming with the features, it is able to hold 10 cups of water and can easily filter many impurities from the water. You need not worry about the taste and smell of chlorine spoiling your experience of drinking fresh water. Just use any water from the tap and filter it using this pitcher.

Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is very portable and you can easily carry it with you even while you are on the move. The biggest surprise comes with the filter housing being made from renewable materials.

In this regard, you can be satisfied that you are leaving less carbon print when you use this amazing pitcher at your home.

Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher


It is very useful in removing various impurities and contaminants like chlorine, mercury, and copper from drinking water.

  • Dimensions 9.2 x 6 x 12 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds
  • The pitcher is made from high quality BPA free plastic
  • Long lasting and value for money product
  • Improved filter is good at removing many impurities from the water


  • The lid door opens automatically and this makes it very easy to fill water
  • The pitcher is made from shatterproof sturdy plastic
  • The wooden handle is very comfortable to hold the pitcher
  • Holds 10 cups of filtered water, which is good for families


  • Difficult to open the filter
  • Not good at filtering fluoride from the water
  • Filters not compatible with older models


The improved version of Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is good at filtering various impurities from the water. It can easily remove heavy metals like mercury, copper and zinc from drinking water.

In this regard, you can rest assured that your family is being served with clean drinking water when you use this pitcher. The simple good looks of this pitcher should be enough to make it a part of your kitchen.

You will love the elegant wooden handle that comes with the pitcher and it is very comfortable when you have to hold it while serving water. It is also efficient at removing the bad smell of chlorine from drinking water.

This is the most common problem faced by many people and they can now use this amazing pitcher to get rid of the chlorine smell in the water.

The lightweight design makes it easy to be carried to any place. You will also be happy to know that most parts of the pitcher are made from plant based materials and this leaves a lower carbon footprint on the environment.


The Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is very elegant and this is something that you will not notice with other pitchers. The wooden handle makes a lot of difference to its look and gives it a unique appearance.

On the other hand, you will also be surprised to know that the filter housing in Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is made from renewable materials.

Other filters like Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher are very expensive when compared to Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher even though they have some additional features.

In this regard, if you are looking forward to use a simple looking pitcher with amazing features, you can easily go to the Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher.

When you compare this with Brita 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher, you will notice that Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher does not come with an indicator to change the filter and this is a disadvantage. However, you can change it automatically after a couple of months of usage.


The Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher is very useful for your home usage as you need not worry about using tap water anymore. All you need to do is to fill the tap water into this pitcher and use it after a while.

You can get clear water that is free from all impurities and contaminants. The filter will remove all the contaminants and the smell of chlorine from the water.

In this regard, you will also find it very useful when you are traveling out of home. You can easily carry this pitcher along with you and save a lot of money spent on bottled water. One of the main issues faced with using pitchers is that the lids are not sturdy in most cases.

However, with Soma 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher, you can rest assured that water will not leak from the sides and it is also very easy to refill water. All you need to do is to place it under the running tap and the lid will automatically open making it easy to refill the pitcher.

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