Do Water Filters Remove Lead?

Do Water Filters Remove Lead

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Water is a basic need for our survival. It’s possible to go for days without food but not without water. This fluid keeps our cells turgid and hydrated for normal body functioning.

Sadly most of us drink water straight from the faucet without filtering. Those who remember to buy a water filter never really go into the depth of checking the most important feature; lead removal. This brings us to the most important question, do water filters remove lead?

Until recently when plumbing codes changed, most of our home water delivery pipes were made of lead. Some are even still made of lead as we talk. With time, this material peels off and mixes with water leading to lead poisoning. Signs of continued exposure to lead include:

  • abdominal cramps
  • abdominal pain
  • aggressive behavior
  • sleep problems
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue
  • numbness in the extremities
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney dysfunction
  • memory loss
  • anemia

Even worst, lead impairs the intellectual growth of a child. Some of the tale tell signs include low IQ, behaviour problems, hearing problems, low grades and growth delays.

Having your own water filter is better than depending on water companies treating water for you. Many companies have blamed for poor or inadequate water purification. This explains why you also need to redo the purification process with your own filter.

Advanced water filters are equipped with the ability to remove lead from water. To be precise, filters equipped with carbon granules are the best picks. They present a better option than buying bottled water or doing a complete overhaul of your lead pipes.

Examples of filters that remove lead from water

The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters

This is a special type of water filter pitcher with a dual purpose. It has a seven stage filtration system consisting of activated carbon, ion exchange material, mineral balls and tourmaline. Carbon is the one tasked with removing heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, copper and cadmium from the water.

The other role of The Alkaline Water Pitcher is to increase the pH level of water. PH is known to neutralize stomach acids and enhance absorption of nutrients.

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PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher

Pur LED 11 Cup water filter pitcher has the ability to remove lead from water. However, very few research work backs them. Nevertheless, Pur has a long line of effective pitchers, and you will most certainly find one that removes lead from water.

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MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA XL 9- Cups is a top quality pitcher filter with stunning functionality and design. It removes all pollutants and chemicals from water including lead and other heavy metals. It’s available in several sizes and color.

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BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher

BWT Designer Pitcher could be the best and most efficient pitcher filter in the filtration system market. Being an award winning product, BWT removes lead from water making it safer for home use. It also removes other contaminants as well.

Advanced faucet filters and reverse osmosis filters too have the capacity to remove lead and other heavy metals from water. Make sure to read each product’s features to be sure it removes lead before buying.

As a side note, boiling water doesn’t lower or rid it of lead traces. On the contrary, it even increases its concentration. Lead doesn’t dissolve on boiling but water evaporates and escapes resulting in low water content but more lead contamination. The best way to do away with lead is by buying or installing a filter on your water taps.

There are several ways you can install your water filters. The common ones include installing it on the faucet, under the sink or putting it on a counter.

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Wrap up

It’s your responsibility to keep your family safe and one way to do that is by ensuring you own a lead water filter. While cheaper and less effective water filters are everywhere, do not be tempted to buy them because of their low price.

Most of them have loose carbon granule, and that means your water will not be purified entirely. To obtain lead-free pure water, use top notch water filters that have been certified by trusted sanitation foundations.

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