BWT Water Filter Pitcher Review

BWT Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Water is an essential thing you need every day and drinking tasty and pure water is very important to stay fit and healthy. But, the normal tap water that we drink is loaded with chlorine and other impurities that will result in a lot of health hazards in the long run.

This is why it is important to use the best water filter pitchers to filter the water to make it odor free and free from all water impurities. Magnesium is very important for the human body and if your body lacks magnesium, then you can make use of the to get the necessary magnesium needed for the body.

This water pitcher not only offers you clean and pure drinking water, but it offers the most essential mineral, magnesium when it works on the tap water making it pure and safe for drinking.


The amazing features that are offered in the BWT Water Filter Pitcher that makes it a must buy are as follows.

  • The patented BWT magnesium technology that gets rid of chlorine, scale forming substances and heavy metals from the water taps
  • Adds valuable magnesium mineral in ┬áthe purified water that is needed by the body
  • Rated as the best water filter pitcher to produce tasty and safe drinking water
  • Has won a lot of technology and design awards
  • Filtration of water starts once you ┬átake the unit out of the box, as it comes with a no pre-soak filter
  • The filter contains silver that increases its life and also offers anti-microbial protection
  • Filtration efficiency is prolonged and hence the filter has a longer lifetime
  • The water pitcher can hold up to 2.7 liters of water
  • Digital counters on the top lid to indicate the number of times water has been filtered


  • Sleek design to consume less table space and also can be easily stored in a refrigerator
  • Pure drinking water with enhanced magnesium
  • Removes scales, chlorine and other heavy metal impurities from water
  • Filter delivers consistent performance for a long time
  • An indicator to show how many times the jug has been refilled


  • It will only hold 1.5 liters of water and not the 2.7 liters as mentioned
  • Filter is a bit costly


The BWT Water Filter Pitcher is made to suit every household and comes in two different color choices. The unit is made using quality materials and has a thin design that makes it easy to fit in any fridge compartment.

It is said to hold about 2.7 liters at one time and this is more than sufficient for a large family. It also offers you magnesium rich water that is necessary for the body. Filling tap water into the water reservoir is not a difficult task and you do not have to lift the lid to refill water.

There is a digital indicator offered on top of the lid that will show how many times the unit has filtered water. This water filter pitcher will also remove all other metal impurities and chlorine odor from the tap water to provide you with safe drinking water.


In order to know how effective a product is, it has to be compared with two or more similar products.

The Brita 10 cup BPA free Water Pitcher is similar to BWT water filter pitcher as it comes with a slim and sleek design, advanced filtration technology, lesser builds up of lime scale, BPA free construction, filter change sticker indicator, etc.

The main drawback is that the Brita water pitcher will not produce magnesium in the filtered water, even though it reduces the taste of chlorine, mercury, cadmium and other impurities.

The BWT water purifier is offered with a digital filter reading for the accurate number of ties the filtering is done and is less expensive than the Brita water pitcher.

The second product is the LeDoux Waters 10 Cup Water Pitcher Filters. Its filter ensures four-stage filtration to remove toxins, chlorine odor and taste and other heavy metal impurities. But, it does not enhance the taste of the water by adding magnesium to the filtered water.

All the other features like, sleek design, see through pitcher, filter replace indicator and one filter capacity of 40 gallons holds good for both the LeDoux Waters water pitcher and the BWT water filter pitcher.


If you are looking for a water filter purifier that offers you great tasting water and adds the necessary magnesium needed by the body in the purified and filtered water, then there is no better choice than the

The Arctic white lid on the transparent jug makes it look attractive. The filter not only gets rid of chlorine odor and taste and other impurities in the water, but also improves the taste and quality of water by adding enough amount of magnesium.

The pitcher can hold up to 2.7 liters and hence is suited for large families. One of the advantages is that it guarantees the best taste of water, thanks to its lime scale protection.

With features like patented BWT Magnesium technology, unmatched filtration, improved life of the filter and NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certified pitcher and filter, you have a sure winner in your hands.

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