Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher Review

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher Review

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Are you worried about the quality and taste of the tap water in your home? Do you feel that the smell of chlorine is too much in the drinking water you are getting through your taps?

Well, if tasty, clean and pure drinking water is your concern, then use the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher. This water filter is BPA-free and offers you freedom from all kinds of drinking water impurities like mercury, copper, and cadmium. These impurities can cause an adverse effect on your health in the long run.

If you do not want to suffer from health issues due to poor drinking water, then start to use the Brita water pitcher. It is made using advanced filter technology so that you get tasty, clear and pure water always. It is time that you start to drink clean and impurities free water and this is possible by getting the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher for your home.

Brita Everyday Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, w 1 std, White


The features that make Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher a must use in every home are as follows.

  • A large water pitcher that can hold up to 10 cups of water at one time
  • Easy to use filter that is BPA free and advanced to reduce chlorine taste and odor in the water
  • The filter also reduces cadmium, copper and mercury impurities in the water and offers great taste and healthier water
  • The white lid on top is easily removed to pour water
  • Sticker filter indicator is provided to alert you when the filter needs to be replaced
  • The filter has a lifespan of 2 months or about 40 gallons of water
  • Very easy to clean and requires very less maintenance
  • Comes with soft grip handle to easily pour water and the handle is inbuilt


  • Stores 10 cups of water at one time
  • Weighs just 2.3 pounds
  • Flip top lid on the top for easy and quick refilling of water
  • Reduces the taste and odor of chlorine in the drinking water
  • The filter lasts for up to 40 gallons
  • BPA free filter and pitcher with oval design
  • Does not take a lot of space in the refrigerator


  • The lid does not sit on the pitcher correctly sometimes


The Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher us the best water filter that you can buy for your home at an affordable price. All you have to do is to wait for 30 to 45 seconds for the tap water you pour into the pitcher to get filtered and collect at the bottom of the pitcher. Once done, you can drink tasty, odor free and healthy water.

This water pitcher with easy to use filter can remove all impurities in the water and hence offer you healthier and purer drinking water always. It has an ergonomic design and comes with a soft and built-in handle that is very easy to hold while pouring water into cups.

This unit can hold up to 10 cups of filtered water at one go. The filter offered in this water pitcher has a lifespan of 40 gallons of water. The Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher is a quality water filter pitcher that is a must in every home.


It is important to compare any product with similar products of different brands to know how competent and useful it is. The PUR 18 cup dispenser with one filter is a product similar to the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher. It is bigger in size and also stores 18 cups of water at one time.

If you have a small family, then it is not viable as it costs more and also takes a lot of the space. It cannot be placed in the refrigerator like the Brita water pitcher with filter. The PUR 18 cup water dispenser also is not easy to lift and pour and comes with a tap to collect water into a cup.

The Sagler Water Filter Pitcher has more or less the same features of oval pitcher design, a BPA free pitcher and white lid with easy to hold handle like that of the Brita water purifier. But, it can only hold up to 7 cups of water and its filter needs to be replaced 300 standard 16.9 ounces of water collection.


From the above comparison, it is clear that the Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher is the best pitcher to own for a small family. It comes at an affordable price and can hold up to 10 cups of filtered water in the pitcher. The white lid on top of the pitcher is easily removed for making refills a breezy job.

This pitcher can also be cleaned easily and gives you filtered and clean drinking water within a minute. All you need is to pour the tap water into the pitcher, allow it to filter to the bottom of the pitcher and then pour the filtered water into a cup. You can be assured of drinking clean, pure, chlorine free and impurities free water every time.

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