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Best Water Filter Pitchers

Best Water Filter Pitchers
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Whether you are filtering out contaminants from water or are just concerned with improving its taste, it is essential that water from your taps pass through filtration systems before use.

Heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury and other volatile organic chemicals are introduced into water through pollution and industrial processes making water unsafe.

To get these contaminants out, you need either a basic, semi-basic or advanced filters to purify your water. However, when you are new to using filters, the many options available can make it an uphill task to find the most appropriate one for you.

One of the easiest way to know if you will like the services of water filter is to start with water filter pitchers.

Water filter filters are easy to use and simple to maintain. No much hassles involved as the filtration process is efficient and gets lead and other stubborn heavy metals out. Like many filters, pitchers too come in both basic, semi-basic and advanced models too.

How to choose the best water filter pitcher

As said before, the proliferation of a product can make you completely confused on which one to buy unless you get help from a suitable person. So, how do you choose the best water filter?

  • Price

Sometimes (or most of the time) we get what we pay for. You can’t expect to get a top quality product for only a few bucks. If you don’t want to take chances with the safety of your family, try high-end filter pitchers or something close to top quality. It’s the only sure way of getting cleaner and tastier water.

  • Ease of use

If you are a beginner, then probably you need a pitcher that is easy to manage as you try to learn their basics. However, ease of use does not mean in any way that the filter may be ineffective. It’s just that some pitchers have many features making them complicated for new users to understand them while other are pretty straightforward.

  • Design

Once you identify the best water filter pitcher, it’s time to look for a design that will please you. If you don’t have enough space in your refrigerator or kitchen, compact designs will be the best for you. Also, if you value looks, then pitchers with beautiful designs will make your house look good.

What to look for in a good water filter pitcher

  • Volume capacity

The best pitchers should be able to provide enough water to meet the needs of your family. Some of the top-of-the-line pitchers provide up to 40 gallons in two months. Additionally, you need to make sure the pitcher dispenses water at a faster speed.

  • Efficiency

This is actually the first factor you should consider when looking for a good pitcher, volume and cost factors aside. Most water filter pitcher have the ability to clean water from over 13 contaminants, pharmaceutical waste, and heavy metals.

  • Maintenance

Every water filtration system has its pro and cons. However, it is essential to purchase a filter that has low maintenance requirements.

  • Durability

Water filter pitchers come in different quality. Lower end version can give you the same water quality as advanced models, but their filters will get exhausted pretty fast. High-end pitchers can process many gallons of water before they need filter changing.

Five Best Water Filter Pitcher

In order to get a good water filter pitcher, you need to research and compare different types before you choose one of the. To save your time, we have compiled for you five exceptional water filter pitchers that you can use to remove contaminants from water.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher

If you want healthy and great tasting water without spending an arm and a leg, try out Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher.

It cleans water from chlorine, cadmium, aftertastes and heavy metals such as zinc, copper and mercury impurities. Its white color is appealing to the ears and matches well with any color you’ve used on your walls and countertops.

Unlike many smaller pitchers, Brita 10 Cups provides you with ten cups of water at ago. This volume is enough for any big family. The removable lid at the top makes refilling a 5-seconds activity.

Brita processes about 40 gallons of water before the filter needs changing. When it’s time for changing (normally after two months) the sticker filter indicator will notify you.

When it comes to design and ergonomics, Brita does fairly better though not as good as some top tiers like MAVEA. Brita 10 Cups has a good handle and a solid design that makes it a fairly durable pick. The handle also makes it possible to carry it around without difficulty.

Brita Everyday Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter, w 1 std, White

Product Features

  • Large and white
  • Holds up to ten cups
  • BPA free
  • Filter needs to be changed after two months or after processing 40 gallons


  • BPA free
  • Built-in handle
  • Removable lid
  • Fairly impressive design and ergonomics
  • Inexpensive and effective water filter
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Occupies less fridge space


  • Comes in white color only
  • The sticker indicator comes off quickly
  • May take less than two months before needing a filter replacement when heavily used

The bottom line

From the aesthetics to functionality, Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher stands as a good product worth investing it. It’s pretty simple to use and maintain.

Some of the contaminants removed from water include chlorine, copper, zinc, aftertastes, cadmium, and mercury. It’s BPA free so you don’t have to worry about health related issues.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive and effective water filter pitcher, Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher may just be what you are looking for.

The Alkaline Water Pitcher

If you love alkaline water, then tap water or water purified by other usual filters won’t quench your thirst. Alkaline water contains more pH than tap water.

Though not backed by sufficient medical research, this water is said to neutralize stomach acid, boost body metabolism, and helps the body to absorb nutrients faster. To make your own alkaline water, you can use The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters.

This pitcher thoroughly purifies water through a seven stage filter cartridge that consists of carbon, ion exchange resin, tourmaline, and mineral balls.

The role of carbon is to remove heavy metals and solid sediments, while ion exchange resin, tourmaline, and mineral balls add essential nutrients and minerals that increase the pH level of the water.

The ion exchange resin is usually designed to remove fluoride from water but the one used in the Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters doesn’t.

Therefore, you will need to use water that has been filtered by another filter system (free from fluoride). Alternatively, you can buy an activated alumina filter to remove fluoride from water.

Besides making water alkaline, the Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters removes about 90% of heavy metals like lead, copper, zinc and other contaminants from water. It has a slim design and is made from BPA-free materials. Its smaller design utilizes a small space in your refrigerator.

Concerning ergonomics, this pitcher has a handle to make it comfortable to carry around. The lid is removable. This makes water refilling a few seconds task

Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 7-Stage Cartridge Composed of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters

Product Features

  • A seven stage filtration system
  • Purifies water thoroughly
  • Provides alkaline drinking water
  • BPA free
  • A uniquely slim design
  • One filter cartridge
  • 5-liter capacity


  • Makes better-tasting tea and coffee
  • Removes sand, dust, and other contaminants
  • Lower environmental waste
  • Reduces up to 96% of chlorine in water
  • Durable material
  • BPA free


  • Doesn’t remove fluoride from water

The bottom line

The Alkaline Pitcher – 2.5 Liters is a good buy for those individuals who prefer alkaline water. It’s seven stage filtration system ensures the water flowing out of its spout is safe for drinking. At 2.5 liters, this pitcher can provide about ten glasses of water which is enough for most modern families.

The removable lid makes the refilling process an easy task. So, if you are an alkaline water addict, The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters may be a good fit for you.

PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher

PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher is an efficient filtration system that removes mercury, pharmaceuticals and other industrial pollutants from water. It also removes chlorine from water, a substance that is known to give water an unpleasant taste.

During the filtration, this pitcher leaves behind only a few traces of chlorine and fluoride which is essential in killing microorganisms.

PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher’s effectiveness comes from the Maxion filter technology that is equipped with both ion exchange material and carbon for effective filtration. This technology ensures that the ordinary tap water is transformed into clean and great-tasting drinking water.

Like many water pitchers, PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher too takes a small design that makes it fit into the fridge without occupying much space.

The lid can be opened by pressing your thumb over the thumb activated spot for easy refilling. Additionally, its spout has a lid to bar particles and odor from contaminating your clean water.

When the lifetime of this pitcher’s filter nears the end, the LED light will start to flash as a reminder that you need to look for another Maxion filter. As insignificant as this LED light might appear, it’s essential in ensuring you continue getting clean and tasty water.

PUR CR1100CV 11Cup Classic Water Filtration Pitcher

Product Features

  • BPA free
  • Removes mercury and other pollutants
  • Thumb activated lid for easy refilling
  • Provides about 40 gallons of water
  • The handle has a comfortable grip
  • Slim design


  • BPA free
  • Efficient in removing contaminants including 12 pharmaceuticals
  • Their replacement filter are easily available and at reasonable prices
  • The slim design saves space
  • LED indicator tells you when you need to replace its filter
  • Filters are recyclable


  • Small volume capacity

The bottom line

PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher’s technology of combining ion exchange materials, and carbon makes it one of the most efficient pitchers in cleaning water.

It also adopts a Maxion technology that turns unhealthy tap water into clean and tasty water. Its design is slim enough to easily fit into your fridge without using up much space.

This pitcher also ensures your purified water remain pure through the spout lid that prevents entrance of odor and other pollutants. So, if you want an effective pitcher to get you started with water purification, give PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher a try.

BWT Designer Water Filter Pitcher

If you are looking for an outstanding water filter pitcher, one that wipes clean all the contaminants from water and reinstates valuable mineral back, try BWT Designer Technology Superior Filtration Pitcher. It beats many other pitchers in term of performance and aesthetics.

The unsurpassed filtration capabilities of this filter make it thorough in removing volatile organic chemicals, industrial pollutants, and other contaminants. The filter is faster and doesn’t need pre-soaking to be activated.

BWT pitcher releases magnesium into water giving a good natural taste. It also balances the level of other metals such as calcium.

Magnesium is an important mineral in our body. Lack of it can result in malnutrition diseases. Magnesium is a flavor carrier, and it’s known to increase the quality of coffee and tea.

In term of ergonomics, this pitcher has two handles for carrying it safely from one point to another. Its exterior is crafted from high-quality transparent material that’s easy to dust off. The lid is thumb activated for easy refilling.

BWT’s efficiency and good aesthetics among other things are some of the reasons why it’s an award-winning product.

Some of the awards it won include German Design Award (2016), Red Dot Design Winner in 2014, Plus X Award in 2013 and Home & Trend Award in 2014. This pitcher and its filter are certified by NFS.

Product Features

  • German quality pitcher
  • Superior technology
  • BWT magnesium technology
  • Unsurpassed filtration ability
  • NSF approved pitcher(and its filter)
  • Adds a natural taste to water
  • Award winning product


  • High-quality filtration
  • Stunning design
  • Adds magnesium in water for improved taste
  • Prolonged filtration life than other pitchers
  • NFS certified product
  • It enhances the quality of coffee and tea


  • It’s a high-end product hence might cost a bit more

The bottom line

BWT is an excellent quality pitcher that leaves no stone unturned when purifying water. Unlike some filter where you have to find a way to introduce mineral back into the water, this pitcher does that on its own.

Additionally, this product ensures our body doesn’t lack essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. BWT pitcher is certainly worth all the bucks you will shell out.

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris Water Filtration Pitcher

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher is a highly preferred pitcher due to its ability to clean all impurities from water.

Some of these impurities include chlorine taste and odor, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pesticides and agricultural chemicals.

This pitcher has a good volume capacity for a mid-sized family. It can process about 40 gallons of water before the filter needs changing.

However, if you feel your filter has been working too much, you may want to change the filter before the recommended two months’ time.

MAVEA 1018903 is one the best pitchers with good ergonomics. The handle is long and curved inwards to provide a comfortable handling.

The lid is pour through hence no need to flip it up when refilling. The spout end is covered with a lid to prevent odor and other particles from degrading the already cleaned water.

This pitcher comes in many sizes and colors to help you choose what you like most.

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black

Product Features

  • BPA free
  • Uses advanced MAVEA filtration technology
  • Convenient features
  • Available in many sizes and colors


  • No presoaking is needed
  • Smart meter track reminds you when you need to replace the filter
  • Pour through lid hence no flipping up
  • It’s a certified product
  • BPA free
  • Filters are recyclable


  • The smart meter measure only against time and not use.

The bottom line

MAVEA 1018903 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher is effective in removing all the contaminants that make water unsafe including lead. It’s got both the ergonomics and modern technology for simple use.

The volume filtered is also sufficient for a mid-sized family. In overall, it’s a good pick if you need a high-quality water filter pitcher.

Wrap up

There are many advantages of having a water filter at your home. While many other filtration systems may be expensive and need a lot of maintenance, water filter pitchers present a simpler solution to purifying water for home use.

Pitchers are pretty small and don’t use up much space. You only need to designate a small space in the refrigerator to get chilled water.

Despite a few drawbacks, water filter pitchers are still a great option for those who are trying to get used to filtered water. They are as efficient as other filtration systems only that they need to be refilled quite often.

So, if you are looking for some of the Best water filter pitchers to purify your water with, any of the above five choices will suffice.